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06-26-18  How to make Russian girl to like football / hockey / baseball... Etc.
Let’s take football, for example, in honor of FIFA 2018 now passing.
Your girlfriend must learn that football takes one sixth of your thoughts before there can happen a misunderstanding between you on the basis of sport. Before the start of any interesting matches for you, tell your girlfriend that when the games start, nothing will be able to tear you away from the screen. If you leave the girl in ignorance, the situation will get out of control. When your girl who planned a romantic dinner suddenly finds out that you intend to spend this time more profitably, watching the match, she may be upset and take it to heart.
However, science knows cases when a girl does not tolerate football at all, along with the players (maybe her beloved cat was torn to pieces by a crowd of fans or in her childhood she strongly was scared by the ball). In this situation, psychologists advise to use the step-by-step approach that is used in the treatment of phobias. Begin gradually increase the share of football in the life of the girl. First, tell her about your cousin-football player, the father of three charming children and the owner of a collection of photographs of decorative rabbits. Then slip her an article about Victoria Beckham, who was seen in the company of some bald football player. Share your own personal stories with her, show a T-shirt with the symbols of your favorite team, or maybe give it to her as a present. It will make a BIG impression!
It's a good idea to appoint her a date in a football bar where you patiently and without snobbery explain her the rules of the game so that the chaotic movements of 22 people will make sense for her.
And do not dismiss the suggested advice, spend this time now, in order to gain your best ally in the future! GOOD LUCK!

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