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05-28-18  Whom to choose, the mail-order bride from a capital city or a small town or village?
Everyone wants to be happy, regardless of gender, nationality or place of residence. Slavic girls enjoy special popularity among foreign men because of their cultural characteristics so famous throughout the world. Everyone knows that ALL of these girls are the most beautiful, the most caring, the most economic. Maybe "ALL" is exaggerated? Does it matter where the girl lives and how this place affects the level of those qualities that you would like to see in your only one, in your future wife?
Let's compare ladies for dating from capital cities and a small towns or villages
A city girl:
- Well educated and build a career
- Travels a lot (it's easier to arrange a meeting with such a girl)
- Such a lady will be the best companion at any public event - in a restaurant, at an exhibition, at a reception
- Actively engaged in sports and pays much attention to her appearance
- As a rule, she will seek to find a man from a large city because of the habit of living in a more active environment
A girl from a small town:
- Career is not in priority
- She prefers to rest outside the city in a circle of relatives
- Such a girl will gladly pamper you with dishes of the local traditional cuisine
- She less fixated on appearance, but certainly takes care of herself, goes in for sports, and fresh air helps her very much in this
- Most likely the girl will be happy if the city of her future companion is small so that it would be easier for her to adapt to a new life
Undoubtedly the above points are not suitable for everyone. Each mail-order bride has her own life story and character from which the reasons why she is looking for this or that man follow. And to think about this topic further we offer you personally and this can shift your landmarks in here or in another direction. The main thing is that everyone who comes to our site is looking for love!

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