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04-16-18  What should you know about femininity and masculinity dating Russian Girlfriend
Have you ever thought about the fact that femininity and masculinity have a direct relationship? Do you want to find a right Russian bride? If you look from the point of view of Chinese philosophy, everything in this world can be regarded as the interaction of two components: yin (female) and yang (male). To keep the world system in balance, these two components always tend to a certain balance. In every man, there is both male and female energy. For example, men sometimes show sentimentality, emotionality, tenderness, caring and other truly feminine qualities, while a woman can exhibit completely masculine features such as confidence, willpower, purposefulness, rivalry, heroism, power, etc. There is no person who is 100% of one energy, there is an inseparable presence of yin and yang

When a man (M) and a woman (W) meet, they form a single whole - a system that strives for balance and harmony.

This system can be represented as follows:

yin * yang (M) + yin * yang (W) = balance

Here is an example in figures: for example, a man consists of 30% of the Yin energy and 70% of the Yang. According to the law of balance, there will be a woman next to him, consisting of 70% of the Yin energy and 30% of the Yang energy; if this is represented in the form of a formula, then we get:

30% Yin * 70% yang (M) + 70% Yin * 30% yang (W) = 100% balance

The more developed women's features are in a woman, the more courageous men will be around. Similarly, the more developed Yang energies are in a man, the more feminine women will meet him. It is necessary to develop and "wake up" the missing male (female) energy. And it is quite feasible!

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