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04-16-18  Six Key Issues of Healthy Relationships Dating Ukraine Woman
A healthy relationship or a healthy love with Russian bride includes:

 1. The conscious aspiration of both partners to create and maintain healthy relations. For example, sometimes a couple should leave for a while. This contradicts the everyday notion that when people love each other they need to be together. But for the health of relationships, parting for some period is sometimes just as useful as fasting in food.

2. The health of each partner is individual. And this is not only about physical health and the absence of various pathological addictions. But emotional health is the primary basis.

3. When you and your Russian girlfriend respect each other, depending on the needs of both, the degree of emotional closeness and openness. Many psychologists believe that the couple should always have a complete exchange of feelings. But it is very important to adjust this degree of intimacy.

4. The dating couple discusses the borders. Both partners are respected by both sides. Share your feelings if you are hurt, feel unpleasant, or something brings you emotional suffering.

5. A well-functioning family is when the basic needs of every person in the family are observed: physically in food, blood, sex, warmth, and maintaining the health. Emotionally - spending leisure together, family rituals.Warmth, acceptance, unconditional love, respect, acceptance of such feelings as anger, fear, sadness are not forbidden and not suppressed, and there is respect to the degree of openness for everyone. Intellectual needs - joint interests, values, hobbies, differences are maintained, everyone's growth and development are encouraged, everyone's opinion is observed. Spiritual - respect for the spiritual life of everyone, for faith, for religion.

6. Healthy love has development, growth and constant change, with all its stable and calm foundation.

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