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04-09-18  Top Qualities Russian Girls Appreciate in Men Most!
The freshest poll of Russian ladies that helps you understand their preferences better. And here is the top five of male qualities in the eyes of women:

mind - 51%
earning ability - 42%
decency - 37%
faithfulness - 23%
economy - 20%

At the same time, they continue to lie about the fact that attractive appearance and sexuality means a lot to them. Honestly, only 5% and 1% of those polled made it clear that they would not meet with botanists and monsters, respectively.

But are you interested in Russian men's position concerning the gender? They gave a symmetrical answer. Here are the top 5 qualities, without which even the owner of a mega-corporation cannot count on a kiss and a marmalade:

economy - 46%
solicitude - 32%
attractive appearance - 31%
fidelity - 30%
the mind is 25%

10% of respondents swear that sex appeal is the most important thing in women, and the skills of excellent financial welfare mining put 4% of pathetic mercantile ghouls at the forefront.

Over the past 25 years, the features of gender portraits, in general, have not changed, but there has been a disturbing trend: Russians of both sexes have less respect for each other as for the decency! If in 1993 this quality was considered important by 57% of women, now, as you can see, only 37%. The men also treated this quality much more thrilling: a quarter of a century ago 37% considered it the most valuable one and now only 25% thinks so.

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