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04-09-18  Is Your Ukrainian Bride Phubbing You?
The more vigorously the technologies develop, the greater number of new concepts in our vocabulary. One of the latest concepts that can be found in a relationship is phubbing. Are you phubbing your Russian woman or is she phubbing you? This term appeared in the Times magazine. The neologism phubbing is made up of the words "snub" and "phone" and means ignoring your partner surfing via the smartphone. The author of the article argues that phubbing has become a real communication problem between modern people.

How can you understand that you are ignored or that you ignore? It's very simple: when one of the participants of the meeting is constantly watching on the screen of his smartphone. At the same time, the person staring at the screen has the habit to comment something like: "Uh-huh, yeah, no-no, I'm listening to you, what a horror, what she, what he ...".

Nowadays We often ignore our friends and relatives. It seems to us that nothing terrible will happen if during the exciting story of your Russian woman, you'll check your Instagram timeline or if she does the same. The psychologists think that those who ignore the interlocutor, significantly worsen the quality of relations. Moreover, not only the one who is ignored but also the one who ignores suffers.

So, a recent study conducted by Karen McDouglas from the Department of Psychology of the University of Kent and published in the scientific journal "Journal of Practical Social Psychology" confirms that a smartphone in the hands of one of the interlocutors sharply reduces mutual satisfaction from communication.

The same opinion is shared by the teacher of Stanford and Yale University, the author of the book "Course for Happiness" by Emma Seppala. "It's ironic that smartphones with social networks are designed to connect people, but in the long run, they also cause serious damage to your relationships with people here and now."

In general, if you do not want to drastically deteriorate the quality of your relationships with your hot Russian girlfriend, we recommend that you turn off the sound on your smartphone before the meeting and take it away.

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