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02-16-18  Five Russian Ladies' Habits Which You Need to Reconcile
If you love your Russian Girl you need to get along well with some of her habits because almost all ladies have them and it will hardly be possible to avoid them or change your lady.

1. Russian Women speak in equivokes.

Russian Girls very often hint at something to their men and then they are offended that the man did not understand them.

2. Women are getting ready for hours.

Many girls can spend two more hours in front of the mirror after the words "I'm almost ready". This behavior is a mystery to most men. They do not understand what you can do in the bathroom so long.

3. Women are eating from your plate.

Women do not see anything shameful in stealing french fries or a piece of lamb from the plates of their beloved ones. Just all these smell so delicious and look good! But they had the opportunity to order the same dishes, why did they limit themselves to a light salad? This is one of those things that men can never understand.

4. They put your things in order.

All women sometimes have a desire to please their beloved and remove the chaos that reigns in his drawers and shelves. However, the idea of ​​the order of women and men is different. For the latter, it is important that they can easily find the necessary thing in this mess, so such cleaning causes only irritation of a man. In addition, a man can regard it as an encroachment on its territory.

5. Women wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

Of course, men like beautiful and neat girls. But they are genuinely puzzled, why they go out in clothes or shoes, which fetters the movement and causes some inconvenience.

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