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01-17-18  Top Five Russian Women Mistakes dating the Men
The experts found and specified five major female mistakes in relations with men.
Despite the fact that there is so much literature concerning this subject and several dozens of books have already been written about how it is necessary to build a relationship between a man and Russian woman, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity still make the same mistakes.

Experts identified 5 women's mistakes that do not allow them to build reliable and long-term relationships with men in the future.

One of the most common mistakes in dealing with men is to limit their personal space. Once you're really interested in this Russian woman, it's better to explain her the rules of personal room.

Also, the ladies shouldn't show their jealousy at every step.

A typical mistake is the lack of interests. If a man has nothing to talk about with Russian women, she does not have hobbies, then such relationships in the future are doomed to failure.

A common mistake is the woman's relaxation, which is manifested in the fact that a woman stops looking after herself, being already in a relationship with a man.

Closing the rating of female mistakes is the desire to seem some other person, maybe a bit better, maybe more independent. By deceiving a man this way, you only damage your relationship.The best advice is to be the one who you are in any occasions and to find the one who will like you for who you are. Then the happiness is guaranteed to both of you!

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