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12-18-17  What flowers to give Ukraine Woman to Catch her Attention?
How to give flowers that will emphasize the individuality of your Russian girl? Try to pick a bouquet under her image, eye color, style of clothes, do not be afraid to experiment. Whatever is the source of your inspiration, tell her about it.

Give flowers "for beautiful eyes" and hair
You will conquer the heart of any woman if you tell her that the flowers you choose fit the color of her hair, and at the same time make a compliment to her hair.
For red-haired women, it is better to choose flowers of blue tones: violets, irises, dark roses that match the color of hair.
Brown-haired and brunette will fit bright, saturated colors - this can be a bouquet of scarlet roses, gerberas or orchids.
Blondes are ideally suited roses of light shades: white, pink or tea, as well as lilies and chamomiles.

To give flowers according to clothes
You can also focus on trends in fashion and give flowers that harmonize with the clothes of ladies or play in color contrast. Flowers of light tones will fit a dark business suit, and bright intense shades will suit a light dress.
To give flowers in a scientific way
Do you want to confess your feelings with the help of a bouquet? Use the language of flowers. It is important not to forget to tell why you chose this particular flower. After all, each flower has its own symbolic meaning: scarlet rose is a symbol of passionate passion, yellow is a symbol of friendship, yellow tulips speak of hopeless love. And you can come up with your own interpretation to intrigue your beloved.

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