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12-18-17  How To Find a Perfect Russian Wife
It is not an easy task to find perfection. Especially if you do not know its signs. Maybe the ideal woman is already near you? We will help you to determine this. Here are the key features of your ideal partner. Check if the following statements refer to your chosen one?

You can be yourself with her
Some Russian ladies have a feature: they like to transform partners to their taste. First a haircut, then clothes, then a circle of friends. In the end, the man is changing without noticing it. Your beloved completely takes you for who you are, and does not make you change your socks? She is, in all probability, the ideal woman.
She's in perfect relationship with your mom.
Many people find it difficult to get along with their mother-in-law. The cause of the quarrel can be jealousy, different tastes of women, differences in views on the upbringing of children. Does your beloved live with your mother soul in the soul? Is she discussing with her TV series? Does she consult when buying furniture? Your mother adores her and sometimes wondering "what did a woman find in you"? Hooray: the perfect woman is next to you.
The ideal woman does not condemn your interests
Do you selflessly glue aircraft models or play computer games from Friday night to Monday morning, and your faithful friend has nothing against it? Or even imbued with your interests and supports them? And she does not repeat six times an hour - every ten minutes, that your hobby is a sign of infantilism and a waste of time? This woman is simply impeccable.
You know how to enjoy silence together
Imagine a beloved woman who misses you, wants to share what happened over a long working day and, in turn, listens to you, but you are so tired that you simply do not want to and can not speak. And even listen. If your loved one is sympathetic to your request for silence and gives you silently to eat your dinner, then you are very lucky. You must cherish, cherish and cherish this girl. After all, she is a real ideal Russian woman.

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