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07-13-15  Hot July horoscope for you and your Russian woman of Aries, Taurus and Gemini Star Sign
Aries russian bride or you. In July, the main events will be related to family matters. Your willingness to give much time and effort to the family may come across some difficulties due to business affairs. The requirements to your duties may be increased. You can get rather busy schedule and burning deadlines this month and it will absorb all your energy and mental strength. The strongest contradiction between work and family matters can escalate in mid-July. This month is favorable for a peaceful and relaxing pastime in combination with improving curative treatments.

If you or your russian lady are Taurus, you will face a lot of contacts and visits in July. Perhaps this month you will meet a great number of people who request for the help in some of their affairs. On the other hand, you also won’t be able to solve some important issues without the support and advice from others. In the middle of the month, you may face with conflict situations. It is possible that you will break off a relationship with some of your friends, acquaintances, relatives or neighbors. It's not the best time to travel and make new acquaintances. At the end of the month, your contacts will stabilize and strengthen.

In July, it will take Gemini much time and effort to solve material and financial issues. Earlier this month, your things will be fine. And it is on these days the stars advise to plan the most important things. This is a good time to make financial decisions and to resolve issues related to professional activities. The middle of the month is the most intense and problematic time, not only in July but and, perhaps, throughout the summer period. These days the financial situation can dramatically worsen. This is especially true for those who have large monthly payments to repay loans or bank loans. Perhaps, for some reason, it will be difficult for you to meet your financial obligations. At the end of the month, the problems will be resolved.

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