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12-11-17  Traveling by car with Ukraine Lady: what stuff to take
The winter holidays not far off. Planning your car holidays with your Ukrainian woman around Ukraine or some European country, think carefully about the things you should take with you.

There must be a supply of drinking water, canned food, bread or dry toasts, necessary medicines in the car.

Put a stack of newspapers and packages in the trunk. They will help to warm up if the car stalls and the journey by car will follow an unplanned scenario. Attach newspapers to the windows of the machine, after having moistened them with snow, the paper itself will be glued and help keep the heat. You can also make insoles from newspapers. By the way, remember, the first thing you need to insulate is legs and hands. They cool down first. Polyethylene bags will protect you from the wind, stay dry, but remember: you can not use polyethylene if you are already frozen!

You also need to take a fire blanket with you. It is very compact and does not take much space (you can take it with you if you travel by bus). If you cover with one side, it will protect from the flame, if the other - it will keep the heat. Keep in mind that you need to use it until the heat has left the car.

Take a 20-liter can of petrol, diesel, and antigel. In the cold, it will help liquefy diesel and start a car. You can buy a start-up charger that will help if your battery ran down, and there will be no one to "light" it.

Buy disposable chains-ties: you can easily shuffle out of drifts with them. Anyone can wear each of them in a few minutes.

Have a nice and safe romantic trip with your beloved Ukrainian woman.

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