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11-29-17  How To Prepare For Traveling By Car with Your Russian Girl
You dream came true and now you and your girlfriend from Russia are getting on a trip by car. Wow! How should you prepare for this journey and what should you take into account? If you are traveling by car, calculate the mileage using special websites. They will show the fuel consumption, mark the refueling during the route. Do not forget to download maps for the navigator, otherwise, at places where there is no mobile connection and GPS sensors are not working, you will not know where to go. Keep in mind that all navigators are plotting the route according to the principle of choosing the shortest path. Very often the navigator reconfigures the route several times. It is better to go on the first set route. Navigator after several changes can lead to a remote place, where for many kilometers there will be no refueling.

When the navigator has laid a route, make sure that there are cities along the route. Special attention should be paid to the segments of the route with a kilometer distance of more than 100 km, during which there are no large settlements. Look at these sites with Google maps, allowing you to minimize the scale. On the way to such areas, just in case, call a friend or acquaintance.

When preparing to travel by car, ask if your car dealer has an accompanying "Roadside Assistance" action. Often it goes as a gift when buying a car, but the drivers forget about it. If the car broke down, not everyone will stop right away to help. In addition, modern cars almost do not allow interference from the layman. The actions "Assistance on the roads" are valid for Russia. They include the elimination of technical problems, the delivery of gasoline, evacuation. Many companies provide these services within 200 km from the city. If the distance is greater, the order is transferred to other companies.

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