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11-29-17  TOP TEN Gift Ideas To Your Russian Girlfriend
Unfortunately, not all the men have a fantasy and are able to surprise and please their Russian girlfriends with a memorable gift. But this is forgivable because they face much more global tasks every day.

Nevertheless, no one can cancel the holidays, and gifts are important and necessary. If you are the one who has no time to think about the surprises ideas, you are welcome to go through our list, we are sure that everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

I. The win-win option for the gift is jewelry. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the size, otherwise, it can always be reduced or increased in a jewelry workshop.

2. Present-impression. Here the choice is huge. It can be a photo session with a famous photographer, a spa certificate, and even tickets for a concert of her favorite band.

3. A wonderful gift for your beloved will be a tablet, netbook, laptop, phone or e-book.

4. Any Russian lady loves to take care of herself so she can be presented with foot baths, a styler for styling hair, an electric set for a pedicure and a manicure.

5. A girl will appreciate your efforts if you give her a set of underwear on a holiday. Such a gift, of course, implies the existence of intimate relations, it is difficult to choose, but if you guess with the size, then you will please not only your beloved but yourself!

6. In modern life, a woman has to combine many different roles, including the role of a housewife so an unexpected help in the kitchen can be your surprise, as a multi-cooker, a robotic vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, yogurt maker or ice cream maker.

7. You will not seem trivial if you present a set for making sushi and rolls or a set for fondue.

8. Your wife, bride, girlfriend will surely be happy to get the subscription to the swimming pool, a fitness center, or paid driving courses or any other, depending on her hobbies and preferences.

9. The most memorable gift for a girl, of course, will be a trip to the sea. And if not tonight, then at least the next six months.

10. Well, the bravest men can give an engagement ring, fall on one knee and say three treasured words!

And never forget about the flowers, even if the girl claims that she does not like them, do not believe it! All girls love beautiful bouquets, presented with love and adoration!

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