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10-30-17  Three Touching Love Stories to Read this Autumn for Your Russian Girlfriend
Autumn is a time when you do not want to go out on the street because of the rain and wind, and the good mood quickly tends to zero. That's why there's nothing better than reading a good book at this time. We decided not to allow you to be bored or depressed and collected for you the best books about love so that your heart does not freeze, and the soul again believes in miracles.

Helen Fielding "Bridget Jones Diary"
Bridget Jones does not suffer from a physical or mental illness, there is no war around her, she does not face real obstacles other than herself. Everyone has heard about this book, but it is doubtful that many men read it. Nevertheless, they would have benefited: the beautiful voice of the main character and a brilliant comedy takes this book to a level higher than the usual "female" literature.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez "Love in the Time of Cholera"
When it comes to love, postponed for later, "Love in the Time of Cholera" leaves "Daniel Martin" behind. Florentino and Fermina fall in love with adolescence, however, Fermina's father, and later she herself, prevents these feelings. And Florentino has to wait ... wait until his old age. When does devotion turn into an obsession?

Haruki Murakami "Norwegian Forest"
It is curious that many books were embodied on the screen. Contradictory and difficult love stories acquire a completely different shade in the movie than on paper. A friend of Tooru commits suicide at 19, and now the main character begins to fall in love with his girlfriend - a fine and fragile, but mentally traumatized Naoko. The novel allows the reader to learn about the boring life of a Japanese student and, at the same time, to empathize with a touching love story.

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