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10-31-23  How to celebrate Halloween together, but at a distance
1. Tell your lady how you celebrated this holiday in your youth and how you celebrate it now. Tell your beloved the most impressive story!

2. Tell her how you plan to celebrate the holiday this year (if, of course, you are planning something unusual) and be sure to share cool photos in the chat!

3. Take photographs of your surroundings if the streets of your city are already decorated for the holiday. Show off the people who celebrate this holiday and their incredible costumes! Modern outfits amaze with their unusualness!

4. And if your lady is celebrating a holiday, then ask her to take as many photos as possible from the event! Let her show you her costume or magical makeup.

5. Find out in advance about her plans and order some gift from what is possible on the site. Perhaps neither you nor your lady celebrate the holiday because it is customary. But making it special for each other will be an important contribution to the relationship.

Get to know each other, take care of each other, and then this fall on Merry-Cherry will be warm, despite the temperature outside!

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