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The feminine grace is a man’s inspiration. It’s impossible to be insensitive and indifferent to female's beauty. Woman’s beauty? What’s this? Sparkling eyes? Shapely figure? Long legs? Gorgeous hair? That’s all perfect, but there is something elusive that actually makes any lady irresistible.

As a result of the online survey held on the occasion of International Beauty Day it was learnt that the most beautiful ladies in Russia live in Moscow. A top 10 list also includes Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Roston-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Kazan’, Samara, Krasnodar, Sochi, Omsk.

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1. Amazing, optimistic and romantic Viktoria from Moscow

2. Angelina from Moscow looking for a man, who will appreciate her external and internal beauty

3. Maria from Moscow needs a beloved one who is strong and will be her support in every life situations

4. Juliya from Moscow is a kind and sincere teacher, she is looking for a strong and reliable friend and a partner at the same time

5. Daria from Saint Petersburg is dreaming about her own personal heaven with an attentive and sensitive man

6. Aleksandra from Saint Petersburg is looking for serious relations and dreaming about kids

7. Julia from Novosibirsk is a purposeful lady and successful in work, but miss family happiness, love and warmness

10. Everything or nothing is a moto of Anastasiya from Novosibirsk

11. The most important thing for Anastasiya from Yekaterinburg is sincerity, she is young but very serious in a search

12. Daria from Yekaterinburg is a sexy black panther, but looking for simple things – family, love and happiness

13. Alyona from Samara Who is her man? He is affectionate and loving, caring and attentive

14. Victoria from Krasnodar wants to share the deepest dreams with her beloved man and to trust her life to him

15. Tatyana from Sochi is a very active lady, she likes dancing and travelling

16. Elianora from Sochi wants to love and to be loved, she is ready to change Your World

17. Kristina from Omsk is tired of loneliness and wants to create a happy family

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