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05-11-19  Your Special Nurse at

The professional nursing holiday is celebrated on May 12, the birthday of one of the famous English woman, Florence Nightingale, who organized the world's first service of nurses during the Crimean War (1853-1856).

Although in fact the holiday is already more than 150 years old, it was only in January 1974 when an official decision was made to celebrate this day on 12 May.

Caring for sick people is always needed, and no robot or machine can handle this difficult task. These people, undoubtedly, deserved their own holiday.

Every year round-table discussions, sessions, and master classes are held on Nurses Day in all countries of the world. The events discuss issues related to this profession.

Candies, flowers, fruit and souvenirs are presented to the heroes of the celebration on this day. Is your ideal match a nurse, too? Check it at!

1. Selina from Vinnitsa
2. Ekaterina from Nikolaev
3. Elena from Berdyansk
4. Elena from Lugansk
5. Elena from Berdyansk
6. Vlada from Berdyansk
7. Yana from Lugansk
8. Angelina from Lugansk
9. Lyudmila from Sumy
10. Olesya from Sumy

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