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07-10-18  World Chocolate Day - Jul’11 and International Cake Day – Jul’20

Dear friends!

Did you know that the sweetest and the most delicious holidays are celebrated in July? World Chocolate Day is celebrated on Jul’11 and International Cake Day - on Jul’20.

Of course, the best way to celebrate Cake Day or Chocolate Day is by eating cake/chocolate with family and friends. But if you are far from your Sweet Lady, don’t feel bad, you can make her day special and tasty using our flower and gift delivery service. Just press "Send flowers" button at the profile of your beloved one, choose cake or Large Box of sweets and it will be delivered to Her and will help you to make her day sweet and chocolate! She will appreciate your attention a lot!

If you are with your lady on that day (what a fantastic pleasure to be with your beloved person and to enjoy each day and moment together!), just start baking together! The experience will be both fun and educational.

Chocolate is hugely popular all over the world. Some scientists assert that eating chocolate every day makes us happier. Check it!

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