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03-02-18  International Women's Day - March'8! New Delivery Propositions with!
Spring time has started! We hope it will bring new emotions, new feelings, new hopes in your life. A delicate spring aroma is already in the air! So many pleasant emotions and memories awake and make such a great mood.

International Women's Day is coming and it is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. Would you like to surprise your Sweet Lady and make her Women's Day remarkable and wonderful? Check our new Delivery Propositions and she will never forget this spring 2018!

The language of flowers is fully-variable! Different colors could express your feelings. Red color means love, passion. Yellow color means sunshine, joy. Various colors in one bouquet mean varied feelings! Don't lose a chance to show your real feelings to Your Lady and choose one of our new sets:
a bouquet of Tulips (red/yellow/mixed);
Gift certificate to a beauty salon + 9 red tulips;
Gift certificate to a cosmetics store + 9 red tulips;
Orchid in a pot + Large Box of chocolates.

Don’t be shy! Choose Your Perfect gift! Make your lady’s day happier and her sweet kiss surely will be waiting for you!

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