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"Miss Valentine 2018"

The 1st contest at has finished
and we are glad to announce the results!

1st place goes to stunning, radiant, attractive and eye-catching Luisa from Moscow, Russia who is deliriously happy to become the winner of the contest. She has got a bunch of 15 red roses and a heart-shaped gold pendant. She appreciates your voting and expresses her sincerest gratitude to each of you.


2nd place

2nd place was taken by Anna from Kharkov, Ukraine, the lady with gorgeous external appearance, with a heart of gold, whose eyes sparkle, and whose smile lights up a room. She received a bunch of 13 red roses + 5 red heart-shaped balloons. And she sends each of you her warm thankfulness.

3rd place

3rd place goes to the lady with the sweetest smile and gorgeous eyes - Maria from Kiev, Ukraine and she has got a bunch of 11 red roses and 5 red heart-shaped balloons. Maria is thankful to everyone voted for her and she sent all of you her best wishes.